It’s not what YOU can do for Shark Radio, It’s what Shark Radio can do for YOU!

It has been a while since Shark’s first blog entry and we know it’s a faux pas not to blog daily or weekly, but, writing or talking just for writing or talking sake is the definition of annoying. We like to have real events to share with you, because we don’t like our time wasted and we are sure you don’t either.

Our stats are showing us that our listeners are fun, smart and devoted! WOOT! (That’s you!)

You all are a gift!

Thanks for being a Shark Radio Network listener!

On to business…

Monkey House Buffet made its stunning debut last Thursday on Shark. Darla and Jerry host this one hour variety comedy show that kept us and the other listeners in stitches. We weren’t surprised, since we have been fans of the show since it was on Blog Talk. You can still find their archives there from past shows and we understand they will archive all the new LIVE on Shark shows there as well. Darla and Jerry have taken Monkey House Buffet to new heights and are one of the top downloaded shows on Blog Talk, so we are super happy to have them come to Shark Radio Network! Now, with SRN’s awesome sound, and their offbeat zombie-centric personalities, you, the listener, can’t lose. It has to be heard to be believed. Hilarious!

Monkey House Buffet starts our Thursday night LIVE show line up on Shark at 9PM EST, followed by the ever-sensual Naughty Slot with author and sex kitten Amber Grayson Vayle. Ben Bautz wraps up the night with his own view of the world on Chaos Descending, where nothing is off-limits with a mix of poignant conversation and hard-hitting hilarity.

Check out our schedule or show page on the SRN website for the entire week’s schedule of varied and awesome shows.

Rest assured, while other stations are trying to “fill slots” with anything and everything, Shark Radio Network brings you quality, exclusive LIVE shows you can’t find anywhere else!  We don’t waste your time with faux-syndicated shows!

We have show hosts dedicated to excellent programming meant for the discerning Shark Radio listener: YOU! After all, don’t you deserve that kind of dedication? We think you do.

We get offers all the time to put our shows on other networks, or requests from shows on other networks to simulcast on Shark Radio, but the answer is always, ”No, thank you.”

We won’t muddy the waters with people just trying to “syndicate” their show for syndication purposes. Sometimes in Internet radio, people get confused on what it means to be syndicated. It actually has meaning if you are on terrestrial radio and you are syndicated around the country for other terrestrial stations to re-broadcast in their local area.

On Internet radio, the listener is all over the world and just has to type in one web address. The need for that type of syndication is moot in our humble opinion.

That being said, we want to congratulate Erik Shaltis, long time Shark host as he makes his debut on terrestrial radio in the Detroit area with a show he started right here on Shark, Just Roll with it. You will be able to catch that show on SRN as well. Shark hosts are dedicated to you and Erik wouldn’t dream of keeping it from you! Stay tuned for the deets!

The other gift from Shark that we want you to notice, is that we do not bombard you with advertisements on the website or on air. We know this world is filled with things to buy and that is not what we want from you. We are not here to take your hard-earned money! We’re here to be your sanctuary and to be a place you can come to get rid of the noise of everyday life and focus on your own enjoyment. No erectile dysfunction or boob enhancement advertisement needed.

We may not have 24 hour LIVE shows, but that isn’t what we are all about, either. We want quality over quantity. Anyway, if we did that, you couldn’t jam at home, at work, the gym or in your car to the rock we are laying down!

THANK YOU! We appreciate you!

Keep Swimming!

Shark Radio Network Keeps Swimming

Shark Radio Network has been around for a while under the care of the infamous and beloved couple, Brian and Anna Marie Byers. They made the sweet, sweet lovin’ that made the baby, Shark Radio Network. After some cajoling and haranguing, they relented and sold the network to Melissa and myself, Robyn, hosts of The Mighty Variety Show. We thank them from the bottom of our sharp little fins. Plus, it’s fitting that we ended up buying SRN together and from Brian and Anna Marie, since they introduced us a few years ago.

However, we aren’t here for a Melissa and Robyn history lesson. This is about the Shark.

We have made a few visible changes to SRN, and some not so visible.

SRN underwent some music changes and basically, it plays the music Melissa and I have in our heads.

Directly from our heads.

No… not really. You can put your tin foil hat away. Aw.

What we really want is to entertain people like ourselves, like minded and ready to rock to a variety of songs we grew up with, and MAYBE just MAYBE a newer song might creep in if it deserves to be in our head. And that is just it. YOU deserve Shark Radio. WE deserve the Shark Radio. Play it in your car, at the gym, anywhere you wear headphones. It’s YOUR life. Enjoy it with the music you love. We always like being that person who inexplicably has a smile on their face while walking around with headphones in our ears. Besides, outside your own head sucks most of the time. Go ahead, look around. Yep.

SRN’s live shows will continue and more are on their way. We are unashamed to note that we are picky about who hosts a show on our network, while other stations are taking anyone and everyone and drip syndication saliva all over the place – the subject by itself is worthy of a separate blog post, and most likely will be - we are geared toward SRN exclusive shows. Shark-centric, if you please.

We have so many delicious, meaty plans for the future that will all come to fruition at the time they should. We just know these things. They are in our head next to the music section.

We invite you to keep SRN in your delicious hearts and minds, share her with your friends and we will always be there for you. Let yourself enjoy the music and the variety of subject matter produced from our live shows. After all, you are worth it. You deserve us.

Keep Swimming,


P.S. You will undoubtably being hearing from Melissa in this Blog. She’s a major blog lover!